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🗓️ August 2022 Monthly Roundup

So this August was a really busy month. Let's see what happened so far.
🗓️ August 2022 Monthly Roundup
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Daily Dispatches

I took the cue from Austin Kleon after reading his book Show Your Work. In that book, he mentions how we should be showing our work more online to gather an audience of like-minded people and getting into more interesting conversations about what you both find interesting.

The rules of publishing online are:

  • Put out content that is useful to others
  • Publish often and show how the "sausage" gets done
  • Link to sources(authors, books, ideas) inside your posts

He suggests doing a daily dispatch on things you find interesting and aren't yet polished ideas, you may eventually reuse some of the content in a manner that is more attractive to other people.

So here were the Daily Dispatches of this month:

Daily Dispatch 30 - On Writing - How, Why and When to Start?
...It then became a very useful way to cope with stress at college.
Daily Dispatch 31 - Some Startup Advice I Can Actually Give
So, it’s been a while, I’m thinking of writing more on Startups and business, and on finance. But instead of talking and summarizing things, I think it’s more useful for you all if I actually live through my own advice and share what has really been useful so far. Pitching
Daily Dispatch 32 - WebComponents are fun
See here at a Ghost Publication we can embed HTML into our posts.
Daily Dispatch 33 - How things are going at the moment
So far pretty good actually.
Daily Dispatch 34 - My Current Social Media Marketing Strategy
So here’s how I’m using social media to spread my content so far. Social Media I have some Applets on IFTTT that listen for my RSS feed from this blog for “tw33t-post” and “l1nkedin-post” (without the numbers, I don’t want this post to be automatically shown on Twitter or on
Daily Dispatch 35 - Control Theory Strikes Back
For those of you who don’t know it yet, I hold a bachelor’s degree in Control and Automation Engineering. Here’s what I found to be very useful not only during the course of my degree but in other parts of life as well. The very focus on Control and Automation

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How I Use Obsidian to Organize my Life and Writing
[...]it’s where my post ideas come from and where I write details on things that I’ve learned.
10 Steps for New Creators Online
The secret for non “burned out” creators is that they ...
Send Magic Link 500 - Ghost Mail Error - Ghost unable to send emails
So after updating to the 5.10 version of ghost to get some native comment functionality, my email sending capacity broke down. I started getting 500 from the /send-magic-link HTTPS call. But thanks to this thread I managed to sort it out again. Here’s the latest config.production.json that
Elevator’s Pitch
It forces you to narrow down your pitch and focus way more clearly on the main ideas you want to come across.

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