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Daily Dispatch 35 - Control Theory Strikes Back

Daily Dispatch 35 - Control Theory Strikes Back
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash

For those of you who don't know it yet, I hold a bachelor's degree in Control and Automation Engineering.

Here's what I found to be very useful not only during the course of my degree but in other parts of life as well.

The very focus on Control and Automation is... Control and Automation.

But then let's think about what we need in order to exert Control over something.


Let us say we have a bicycle. What do we need to control it?

Photo by Robert Bye / Unsplash

We need to be able to get up on the bike and actually push those pedals to keep it moving.

We also need to use the guidon to steer the bike towards a straight line, curves, and all variations of that.

Now comes one of the fundamental ideas of Control, we need to know if we are on the right path. We need feedback on our pedaling and steering.

The way humans do it is we use our sense of balance and vision to see if we are in a stable motion and going where we want to go.

The basis of control is Feedback.

More on this later on.