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Daily Dispatch 34 - My Current Social Media Marketing Strategy

Daily Dispatch 34 - My Current Social Media Marketing Strategy
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So here's how I'm using social media to spread my content so far.

Social Media

I have some Applets on IFTTT that listen for my RSS feed from this blog for "tw33t-post" and "l1nkedin-post" (without the numbers, I don't want this post to be automatically shown on Twitter or on LinkedIn hahahaha but you get the idea).

Check out how that looks:

My applets running on IFTTT

Another thing I do is use the same RSS feed to feed into my Dev.to page and my Pinterest Feed.

Here's how the Pinterest page looks:

My Pinterest page

It's pretty cool to see it all automatically.

Manual Posting

However, on Dev.to I need to manually put a flag  published = true on each post.

And the best part of all, this Ghost platform that I'm using for the blog allows me to schedule posts in advance. So I can get some of my work sent even if I take a sick leave or it's a holiday.

Some more long-form posts I also post on my medium account.

Email Marketing

From what I studied about newsletters and the creator economy it's very useful to be predictable in terms of when the readers will hear from you.

I'm not a predictable person(+ a full-time job and all), but I know every week I'll have something to write, that's why I created a "Wednesday Drop", "Top 3 Posts a Week - Every Saturday" and "Monthly Review".

That way I know when to SCHEDULE, and the readers (you cute people) know when to read them.


I went simple here, with google analytics. It looks pretty cool and it's really easy to set up(+ it's free for small businesses yay! 😁). I just put the code on the <head> part of this ghost's publication.

Google Analytics page

The FUTURE 🦖 🚗🔥🔥🔥🌀

Here's a cool resource for 100 successful growth strategies.

I'll be looking into it for a good while I believe.