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10 Steps for New Creators Online

The secret for non "burned out" creators is that they ...
10 Steps for New Creators Online
Photo by Keila Hötzel / Unsplash

"What is useful for others?"

This is the question every creator must find if he/she wants to make it online.

I started taking notes on plenty of Ghost's publication website.

And here's what I found to be useful from it.

I - Creator Funnel

We have 4 parts to this funnel.

1 - Attract
2 - Deepen
3 - Exclusivity
4 - Profit

Let's go one by one.

1 - Attract

This is where you write loads of short content for free. You try to get as much reach as possible and use third-party platforms linking to your website.

This can mean posting loads of tweets on your topic of choice, using Medium as content distribution, Pinterest, and other social media.

This is where you gather the audience.

2 - Deepen

This is where you invite people to look for more depth info, it can be longer youtube videos, longer posts, articles, etc.

This is where you build trust with your audience.

3 - Exclusivity

This is where your most valuable content is behind an email subscription, it can be paid or free, but an email subscription is required to access these pieces of information.

This is where you engage the audience with your creation.

4 - Profit

Now that you have an engaged audience, you get to create products, show ads, or even create paid newsletters with the emails you collected.

What's so interesting about email?

  • ROI for email(20% for big publications) tends to be far greater than social media marketing(About 2% for big investments)

II - Market Research

Search for keywords(ahrefs, similarweb, google trends) that are new, low volume, and therefore low competition.

It's estimated that every year 20% of all keywords are new, therefore every year there is plenty of room for new creators to rise up.

But do search for keywords that you can speak with valuable input to give.

III - Checklists

It is a good idea to have a defined process where you map out these steps:

  • Writing first draft (shitty first draft, or Down Draft(where you just put things down on paper) as Anne Lamott would say)
  • Edit your draft -> To the second draft (Up Draft -> where you fix it up)
  • Dotting every I -> The third Dental Draft, where you check every tooth.
  • Publish
  • Market your publication (pick your favorite social media (hopefully also your audience's as well))
  • Repurpose your content (make your long youtube videos into tik tok, youtube shorts, or your long articles into tweets, or shorter articles).

IV - Repurposing

The secret for non "burned out" creators is that they shamelessly reuse their content (probably you will need to say something a 1000 times before it sticks), they cut their long articles/videos/ etc into shorter formats and schedule it to post in their favorite scheduling social media software automatically.

I promised 10 steps, but this is more than enough to start. So do! Share what you learn and meet cool people online who are interested in what you have to say!

That is it for today, let me know what you found in the comments below 😁👀