Who am I

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I'm Lucas Schiavini, an author, engineer, and I love sharing useful things. I currently write about learning, building apps and philosophical musings.

I've been very influenced by Tim Ferris, Nassim Taleb, and Austin Kleon to start sharing my thoughts, ideas, tips, and tricks and how the sausage gets made over here.

I'm currently a digital nomad, based in Brazil. Code fun stuff in my free time and record videos for my YouTube channel.

I am a lover of books(Dune, AntiFragile, Black Swan), podcasts( Founders, My First Million and How to Take Over the World), and long walks.

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📲 Software I Love

📚 My Favorite Books

  • AntiFragile, Black Swan(And the other Incerto Books too) by Nassim Taleb -> completely changed my mind on business, personal philosophy, travel, economy
  • A Study in Red by Arthur Conan Doyle -> got me into reading books
  • 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson -> helped me get better in a bad period of my life
  • Wanna see more? Go to my Books Recommendation's Page.


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As of today, I'm using a mere sending service with mailgun(it's cheaper), so if you want to get in touch with me, feel free to chat on my Twitter DMs