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Next Level Presentations [3/3]: 🙊Delivery!!!

In this third and final part we will be discussing how to better present so the audience doesn’t sleep.
Next Level Presentations [3/3]: 🙊Delivery!!!

Hello everyone, this is our third and final essay on Presentations, be sure to check out all the other steps before you read this one :).

In this third and final part we will be discussing how to better present so the audience doesn’t sleep.

They are actually going to be thrilled about what you have to say!

Just for Fun

Every great presenter, be it a teacher, developers, entrepreneurs, are capable of showing a lightened spirit during their presentations. It’s almost as if what they are doing is of little consequences.

And that brings us to Humor.


That’s why humor usually works when doing a presentation. It takes the edge off you and your audience.

Because if you really think about it, when you talk to a room full of people, the primitive part of your brain is going like:

“OH MY GOD, THEY ARE FROM A DIFFERENT TRIBE, and if I do anything wrong THEY WILL KILL ME. And post on instagram or whatever”

I may have added that last part. I’m pretty sure Instagram didn’t exist in the stone age.

Don’t worry, no one is going to kill you. Well, at least not during the presentation.

They might if your presentation is just reading text to them though.

Don’t read

Every person on your audience is probably aware of the alphabet, and can/will read faster than you can your slides.

Put Energy on your Voice

When we talk about something we love in a group of friends we trust, we share with enthusiasm naturally.

But when we present in front of strangers, we are more worried about protecting ourselves than connecting with the audience.

That is what makes our voices sound robotic and monotone.

My solution to that particular problem is to imagine that the people in the audience actually wants to hear what you have to say(shocking!, I know).

Be grateful for the opportunity to share something you find important with them.

Curiosity is infectious

If you demonstrate your curiosity about a certain subject, the audience will follow.

When not to use Slides

Sometimes a simple conversation is enough.

You don’t need a slide deck every daily meeting you have with your team. But some principles still apply.

Deliver the most value with the least means.

Finish before they expect

Leave the audience with a taste for more.

We are finally done, here’s all the parts of this series if you want to revisit any of them:

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Next Level Presentations [3/3]: 🙊Delivery!!!
In this third and final part we will be discussing how to better present so the audience doesn’t sleep.


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