My Values

A list of my beliefs.

  1. Curiosity is the most important thing to follow. Unless, you know, it's the curiosity to do crack cocaine, don't do it, kids.
  2. I believe in giving the middle finger to a cold detached universe and living the best way you can despite the difficulties.
  3. Share openly what you are interested in and see your own personal Renaissance companions gather around you.
  4. Fuck living a normal life, if you are weird, it will cost your soul and will be harder than just being who you are and doubling down on your weirdness
  5. Buddhists have the whole "how to fix suffering" down, they know how to fix it. But I don't want to fix all suffering, I want to suffer for the right stuff.
  6. Don't pretend you aren't ambitious.
  7. Optimism is the oil that keeps the world's cogs running, I have never done anything great without an optimist in the room (either me or others).
  8. You can bore yourself up to a point where anything you do will be entertaining.
  9. Don't use social media before 4 pm and see your focus skyrocket.
  10. Shape your environment to be positive, if you can't do it, isolate yourself and find your people online.
  11. Simple beats complex. Be concise.
  12. Beauty is worth everything.
  13. Learning should be a byproduct of trying to achieve a goal. Put yourself in situations where learning will save your life, otherwise learning will be artificial and mental masturbatory.
  14. The more intent you have, the better your life will be. The Universe opens up for people who know exactly what they want.
  15. Being funny is the foundation of a good life.
  16. Have a belly laugh every day.
  17. Periods of high obsession have a higher ROI than pacing yourself constantly. Sometimes you need to throw it all into something for 1-2-3-4-5-6 months with no time for anything else(including health).
  18. Work builds up the soul, but only if it has meaning to you.
  19. Writing is foundational to good thinking.
  20. Being honest is insurance.
  21. Being dishonest is not only immoral but dumb. It shows a lack of long-term thinking.
  22. The value of a book isn't the information inside it, but how it is packaged and how long you stay in the head of the author.
  23. The knowledge you don't possess is more important than the one you do. Keep learning.
  24. The best poem is the sound of bamboo trees shaking in the wind.
  25. The sooner you learn to be adaptable the better your life will be.
  26. There is no growing without both stress and rest.
  27. Most of your problems could be summarized as skill issues, just git gud.
  28. The human heart is filled with a deep-rooted rebellion, use it to build something great.
  29. One of the most dangerous fallacies is the Ludic Fallacy: which is the belief that the unstructured randomness found in life resembles the structured randomness found in games.
  30. Beware of comfort.
  31. No mind is the best state to do whatever you want to do.