This is the stuff I'm currently working on, in a big-picture way.


This is the stuff I'm currently working on:

  • Youtube channel: Still trying to figure this out.
  • Writing monthly on this blog on Finance, Risk, Software, and note-taking.
  • Developing fun projects and publishing on my Projects Page.

I believe in not spreading myself too thin, and that's why I'm picking my projects very carefully.

Writing is something I already do because of my notetaking habits and tips I've seen about how to generate creative ideas, so once a month I normally have a post written down on stuff I am learning.

Youtube is kinda difficult to nail down, and takes a long time to get right. So I'm building videos slowly.

And I'm coding side projects as long as I'm having fun with it.


Currently training 4 times a week, planning on packing 10 kg of muscle by 2025.

1/10kg — 25-09-2023

Daily Job

I work as a Software Engineer at ShowSeeker, where I am on a React adtech project.