My Tattoos

Just the mementos I marked my body with

Rock Lee

This was my first tattoo, I did it with the money I had earned while dabbling in investing in Bitcoin back in 2017. I took most of my earnings and went "I really need a reminder to never give up". It was somewhat a darker moment in my life and this tattoo has served me as a memento to no matter how hard it is, to not give up.

Berserk's Brand of Sacrifice

I had just watched the 97 anime adaptation, and it made a huge impact on me, especially since I was in the hardest years in college, doing the hardest disciplines (48-hour tests that in practice meant I didn't sleep for 3 days) while holding a full-time job and having to present software products to governors in Brazil. I was also doing my undergraduate final thesis, it was a glove that translated Brazilian sign language to text in a flutter app.

I did the tattoo because I felt a deep connection with Guts fighting against everything and everyone even when it was his destiny to fail. I don't know why but giving the middle finger to an indifferent universe just motivated me to get shit done.

Vagabond Butterfly

The vagabond manga is a meditation in the form of manga. It made a tremendous impact on how I live my life, to pay attention to things and to focus on mastery. I wanted a pretty image from the manga on me to remind myself that mastery is important.

Nassim Taleb's Black Swan

When I read the books in the Incerto collection, my mind was blown away by so many concepts that were esoteric even for someone who had read economy and engineering books before. I felt like I was reading a true erudite.

One of the biggest concepts to me is that there are some things that are opaque, some things you simply, no matter how much you try, how much math you throw at it, or even how many computers you use, you will never be able to predict them.

Those are Black Swans, the unpredictable, and they are represented as the tail end of skewed distributions. Meanwhile, I also tattooed a white swan representing the "most common" events represented under the orange tint in the skewed distribution.

Vagabond - All Truly Strong People Are Kind

On my second reread of vagabond I keep seeing some quotes that I want a tattoo of, one of them was this one: "All Truly Strong People Are Kind". I'll also tattoo the "Think only about your art" at some point too.