Nihilism isn't Useful

Nihilism isn't Useful

Keep telling yourself your life has no inherent meaning, let me know where that leads you. I know where it led me.

Nihilism killed me in adolescence, today I dealt with it by removing it as an acceptable thought “In billions of years the universe won’t care you existed” for a useful one that I can use to achieve what I consider a “Good Life”.


Everything changes. This has the upside of getting me out of a slump. And to prevent my Ego from growing too much without depressing me.

“Lost a job”, no worries, everything changes, keep trying in new ways.

“Got a promotion”, good, but there is no reason to believe I will keep it for long, everything changes, I shouldn’t let arrogance get the best of me just because of it.

Information should be useful, Anitta I can use. The other thought just couldn’t help me achieve a better life.