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Kanban 101: How to Implement This Agile Methodology Tool in Obsidian

Simple workflow using Kanban
Kanban 101: How to Implement This Agile Methodology Tool in Obsidian
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My daily note just got smaller.

Remember my daily note from this previous post? Well, it actually grew larger since then.

But then, the Obsidian team added a specific functionality that I didn't know when I would put to use. However, something just clicked today.

What functionality is this? The Canva functionality. Here's the new note:

As you might see, now most of my TODOs have been moved to a different file, the file has a .canvas ending.

What does the .canvas ending do to files inside Obsidian? Ask no more:

That's right, with Canva, I can put notes inside notes, so I can look at 4 different notes at once on my screen by opening up a single file. All I have to do is open Kanban - 2023.canvas!

Now here's the magic, I don't have to constantly repeat stuff on my daily note, I can just open up my year's Kanban and check what I need to get done.

That also facilitates my life in a way that I don't need to depend on going back to every monthly and weekly note's TODO list that I didn't get done. I can just review them and add the relevant tasks to my Backlog.

Then I just review every week what needs to get done that week (TODO).

The rest is history.

Let me know in the comments if this is something useful to your personal knowledge management strategy or if you have a different approach.

That is it and I will see you at the next one.

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