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I'm NOT in love with THIS Keyboard anymore, but I am with THIS ONE

Dumped my Keychron for this bad baby
I'm NOT in love with THIS Keyboard anymore, but I am with THIS ONE
Photo by Tobias Röder / Unsplash

After a couple of months with a K3 v2, some things started to piss me off.

I use my computer's keyboard for more than 10 hours a day. I code for a living and write as a pastime, so a great keyboard must be really GREAT. No room for error or I'd have a terrible experience for more than 10 hours a day.

Keychron K3 v2 started off great, and I even posted about it.

Here's what changed.

Multiple Computers

Well, technically it works with multiple computers, BUT, if they are more than 1/2 feet away from the keyboard, you're gonna get lots of connection issues (tested on a Mac and Windows PC). On both, you're gonna get disconnected really fast and whatever it is you were typing will just give you a string of repeated letters "This is a demooooooooooooooo I'm writing".

It happens because Keychron's Bluetooth is not very high quality, so it disconnects constantly.

So right now I was thinking, "God damn it, I just want to write without constantly having to hit backspace to correct repeated letters". And to achieve that, I plugged in the keyboard. It was supposed to be a wireless keyboard, but right now I can only deal with it wired, with no delay in my typing.

65% Keyboard and Brown Switches

I still pretty much love a 65% keyboard and the brown switches, that is what kept me somewhat sane with the Keychron k3. HOWEVER, there is a silver lining. I found a great replacement.

Enter Logitech MX Mechanical Mini

This is just a keyboard that was made for my specific needs. Let's go one by one.

First of all: Great Bluetooth. I have yet to see any problems with Bluetooth even by standing several feet away from a computer. Logitech's Bluetooth is just out of this world.

Second: Battery Life. There is a difference between having a "wireless" keyboard that needs to be "wired" every 3 or 2 days to be recharged(Keychron with the lights on) and having a wireless keyboard that has been wireless for over a month and still has close to 100% in the battery(Logitech's).

Third: Great typing experience. I gotta give it to Keychron, their keyboards feel great to type in, so I couldn't just settle with any keyboard that didn't feel "right". I looked at the types of switches that the Logitech had, and the Tactile Quiet felt just about right just like the Brown switches from Keychron.

So there you have it, three of my greatest reasons to switch from Keychron to Logitech. But there is one more that took me by surprise.

Logitech Flow

That is a game changer for anyone that constantly needs to switch between different computers.

I have a Logitech MX Vertical mouse, and it is a killer, probably going to make a separate post about it. And it is compatible with Logitech Flow functionality.

It basically works like this, you move your mouse from one screen in one computer to another, and the mouse automatically switches the Bluetooth as soon as it senses it's in a border between them.

But wait there's MORE. It also keeps whatever it is you copied from one computer to the other (I tested it with files, images, and text). That's pretty damn magical.

And guess what? The Logitech MX Mechanical Mini also works with it and automatically follows the mouse.

I couldn't have asked for a better keyboard to work alongside a Macbook and a Windows PC.

Tell me, what is your favorite keyboard?

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