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I'm in love with this Keyboard ⌨️

My kind review on the K3 V2 Keychron keyboard.
I'm in love with this Keyboard ⌨️
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Edit: This is an old post, check my new keyboard here.

Yeah yeah I know you'll judge me for it, but damn I'm not even being paid to write this.

I just genuinely like this effin keyboard.

The keyboard's name is Keychron K3 V2 with RGB lights and Hot Swappable keys + Brown switches (It's a long name I know).

Let's take a closer look at it.

Short Version

I like how the click sounds and how it feels to type. And there is really all it is to it.

Plus I get to switch from windows to a mac computer hassle-free.

Longer Version

Well, the longer version will take a little bit more to take into account.

I type for about 6 hours a day(if you discount times between meetings and reading code documentation), about 10k words (if you count code as writing, which I do). So having a keyboard that doesn't make my hands hurt, and even better makes me look forward to typing is a huge plus.

Multiple Computers

Other than that I want to be able to use a single keyboard between two different computers (my employer gave me a MacBook pro to work, and I have a personal computer that runs windows). With a keyboard that allows me to do something like "fn + 1/2/3" for separate computers, changing between them is a BREEZE.

Also on the subject of having two operating systems, I kinda have to adapt my thinking from Ctrl + Key to Cmd + Key which is already a pain, but having to also adapt to different language keyboards just adds more stress to the matter.

So having a single keyboard that changes between computers fast and painlessly + not having to constantly adapt between languages and letter spacing makes the experience much more flow-like.

65% Keyboard

I realized that I loved the 2022 MacBook pro keyboard and I wanted one that would be as compact, but still kept the feeling of it while being mechanical. I chose the K3 model because it is a 65% keyboard (meaning no Numpad, which always annoyed me).

Plus it brings the arrow keys closer to the rest of the keyboard, making it easier to type and use the arrow keys, which was the thing that finally sold me the 65% version.

Brown Switches

From Switch and Click's Ultimate Guide to Brown Switches:

Brown switches are tactile. They have a slight bump on each keystroke which makes them excellent for typing and programming but they are not the best for gaming. Brown switches produce a moderate amount of noise. Brown switches are named that way because the color of the stem is brown.

Or as I already put it "I like how it clicks and how it feels to type".

Enough said.

Closing thoughts

Could I achieve all of this with other keyboards? I'm sure I can, but for sizing/price/quality + long-term durability, I think I didn't go wrong with this one.

It's pretty good, and the hot-swappable feature allows me to switch any switch if it stops working, without having to replace the whole keyboard.

Yeah, I'm finally back, you can expect me to publish a new article every Wednesday. Stay put y'all!

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