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I Regret Not Doing This Sooner - Share my Enthusiasm

Let's all make the internet about what we love, not what we hate.
I Regret Not Doing This Sooner - Share my Enthusiasm
Photo by Stephanie Morales / Unsplash

I regret not doing this sooner.

Two things I've found were game-changers were:

  • "Document, don't Create" - By Austin Kleon.
  • Writing on Medium and Ghost.org

By doing just these two things I managed to find incredible people interested in the same subjects as I am (fintech, optimal decision-making, and Personal Knowledge Systems).

If there's something holding you back from just sharing what you're doing and what you find interesting, don't wait until your product is finished to share how excited you are about building it.

Share your pains along the way, even if the project doesn't end up working out, you'll have helped tons along the way with similar errors.

My most significant posts are "How I Use Obsidian to organize my life and Writing" and "Some Errors I’ve Found Developing With KMM" which were two things I started doing for a project that didn't work out in the end.

Don't be afraid to share what excites you.

Let us not make what we share something that triggers people, let's empower each other.