📖 How to Read a Book

Ever wondered if you are reading well?

📖 How to Read a Book

Some tips I've gathered along my way:

  • From The Boron Letters: Read a book first for the enjoyment of it(which means if you lose curiosity with it as time goes on, just drop the book and pick it up later if that curiosity ever comes back).
  • The second read of the book means taking notes along the way, I use the Zettelkasten Method for that and put on my second brain on Obsidian.
  • As you take notes, feel free to write important lessons from the book into a blog post or notepad, even if you never publish it.
  • If the book Blew your Mind, reread it every couple of years. Compare your understanding of the previous reads with the new ones(notes help with this).

That's it so far, but I'll have more tips after I read "How to Read a Book" by Mortimer J. Adler.

That is it and I will see you at the next one 😁