New Plateaus - Daily Dispatch 41

Lets see how much we've grown!

New Plateaus - Daily Dispatch 41
My big boy youtube

My last dispatch had me showing some graphs on my stuff online, let's compare.

This Blog

Previous data on this blog:

upload in progress, 0

Now here's how things are looking:

It seems we're growing a lot and maintained the same bounce rate and about the same time on the website. Pretty cool what just keeping my rhythm can do. Hopefully, we grow to even bigger heights.


My channel is @luskira on YouTube, and as of today, it has 3 subscribers (one is a friend of mine but I have no idea who the other 2 are).

Well, since January my channel is now at 50ish subscribers.

50 videos later. Roughly 1 new sub per video, not that good, but not that bad either.

I started the year by trying to do too much stuff all at once, writing the blog, doing YouTube daily, and trying to code side projects.

Now I'm still doing it all, but now I'm not putting the same weight on all of them. This blog for example is the bit I least need time to work on, I normally take notes, and writing comes very easily for me now. Plus it's mostly 1 post a month, and I have some posts ready months in advance.

Back to the videos.

I started doing daily YouTube to get going, and then I went on a weekly basis (the vlog videos). I did the weekly ones mostly because I think it's valuable to share your journey, and mine is to build cool coding projects.

HOOOOOWEVER. I also love making good videos. Not just good, but GREAT videos. And it pains me to admit it, but my videos weren't great. I have some great videos on other channels. Having videos with over 350K views on my first channel makes me wonder "Do I want to pump new videos just to be consistent or do I want to make GREAT videos?". And the answer, since my time is limited, is to pick the option I'm most excited about.

My old YouTube channel has 250ish subs. And some banger videos then and there. But hell if I'm not proud to rewatch my videos there every now and again.

So I've been working on a new video for about 3 months now: researching similar videos, writing the script, practicing, learning how to use my voice properly, and rewriting the script (I'm on the 7th script already).

Right now I'm on my way to record the audio (memorizing 30 minutes of heavy dialogue is just too hard, and I hate teleprompters). So I can focus intently on one bit at a time. I record the audio until it's up to my standards, and then I'm going to start adding the video elements.

The way I'm doing is, I work 9-5, then I go to the gym, then I make some voice exercises, then I record for an hour or two. After I'm done with the audio (it's going to be about 30 minutes lol) I'll start pumping up the video elements.

Indie Hacking

So this year I did mostly 2 projects: Pay2Ask and PowerThinkSpot.

  • Pay2Ask was a project I started doing with a Brazilian economist but after 2 months of market research it was dead on the water, nobody really wanted something like that. Talking to experts 1:1 didn't seem to get as much hype as Cameos from AI celebrities.
  • PowerThinkSpot is my baby, it's a project that unifies some of my favorite tools to focus, like pomodoro, notetaking, excalidraw and Lofi music.

So far PowerThinkSpot has been successful(because I measure it by my happiness using it) and I'm using it every day. It was truly one of those "Artificia Docuit Fames - Sophistication born out of hunger" type of scenarios. Really great.

Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope you're safe and well, this is just a post on updates in my life. What I'm excited about and how far I've come. It helps me to put the grind into perspective and not to get too discouraged.