Daily Dispatch 40 - Plateaus

Am I even living?

Daily Dispatch 40 - Plateaus
Photo by Tony Tran / Unsplash

I think I've hit a plateau on all my social media but Medium. Here it's been months since I had a new subscriber, I see less interest in my posts over time as we can see on Fathom's graphs:

See most of my posts here or on Medium follow a trend that people click on them by finding them on the internet, but people's interest is in a single post, not in all the others.

I believe this is to be expected since I post about a lot of different stuff, I have gone out of my way to NOT niche down(which is something everyone counsels you to do when you are starting out).

So I might see some new changes or breaking changes once I get more of Medium's followers, or I might get more attention from youtube videos.

Luckily I don't have to come up with new ideas for videos since I can just repurpose my articles here, just like Ali Abdaal does.

Plus I noticed that with videos I get to wander off more and then edit bits and pieces into other smaller content (2 min videos or less). So even if the whole video isn't that cohesive, I can still get some smaller parts of it going great on their own.

My channel is @luskira on Youtube, and as of today, it has 3 subscribers (one is a friend of mine but I have no idea who the other 2 are).

I might also start documenting more instead of "creating content", but only God knows what I'll do next. Every Wednesday will still have a post, I just need to pump these out because something deep inside of me likes writing a lot of words about stuff I find interesting.