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Daily Dispatch 38 - Nvim, Chat GPT3, and Antifragility

Some stuff I've got cooking up
Daily Dispatch 38 - Nvim, Chat GPT3, and Antifragility
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Hello again, it's been quite some time since my last "Daily dispatch", since then I've researched more on Anti Fragile (Nassim's book), am halfway done setting up a neovim IDE for myself to code in my free time, and played a lot with chatGPT3.


It's basically a fork on Vim, but with more maintainers and faster deployment of new features than vim.

I was mainly interested because I wanted to not have to use my mouse a lot during development, as it makes my shoulder hurt.

Instead, I wanted to become UBER productive on the keyboard alone, and maybe I'll adapt to neovim in a way where coding will feel even better than it already does.

Anti Fragility

It's been quite some time since I wrote the other posts on finance and critical thinking inspired by Nassim Taleb:

Since then I actually had to reread a lot of the Anti-Fragile book to remember and rethink some of his arguments.

So all I can say is it's about 50% done, but I still need to work on the overall structure, storytelling, and tying those pieces together. Then, my friend will review it for any inconsistencies so I can finally publish it here.

Chat GPT3

It seems the internet finally figured out how awesome AI can be when they discovered chat GPT3.

But to me, it feels very much like a place where you can get confident answers to questions. If you happen to have in-depth knowledge of linguistics and stuff, you can spot bad quality writing and verbalisms(It means thinking of the words instead of with them).

Don't get me wrong, I've used it to debug programming errors, but the best stack overflow answers are still better than it. It mainly solves basic errors and problems, those that are well documented out there.

Get any novel problem and it's worse than a human because the human actually needs to test their solution before being confident in it.

Meeting Awesome online folks

I've been a Trends member for almost a year and it's been great meeting people there that also want to start businesses. If you want to check it out, please do, they have about 7 days trial I believe, and the community is awesome.

That is it for today, I'll see you next week at "Wednesday Drop" in your inbox or maybe sooner than that if I decide on posting another daily dispatch.

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