You Are Play

You Are Play

The universe playing with itself.

No one told me to create a blog.

No one told me to enter Engineering.

No one told me to compete in robotics competitions.

No one told me to study design.

No one told me to learn about business.

No one told me to enter entrepreneur bootcamps.

No one told me to desire the path of entrepreneurship.

No one told me to be less involved with people overall.

It could just be, that I am already on the path the universe provided me.

I could, even though stressed, even though depressed some times, be what the universe provided for me.

I could very well be the Universe playing with itself already.

All that Zen study and Buddhism study, and yet I failed to realize that it doesn’t mean just accepting things as they are and leave it at that.

Siddhartha Gautama abandoned his wife and child because Enlightenment was more important.

Not everyone can pursue multiple things at the same time and be successful at those.

So what is important? Deep down, I know it is to “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”.