What I like about: Buddhism

What I like about: Buddhism

How this buddhist retreat changed who I am forever.

I can’t believe in things anymore. Christianity has ruined this for me. I don’t say all types of Christianity.

But I was raised in a very oppressive kind. I had a system of philosophy that limited my creativity, my curiosity and my potential for changing the world. That is one of the reasons I drifted away from it.

Buddhism had a completely different impact on my life. I went to a 10 day retreat earlier this year.

At least at this retreat, they don’t require you to believe in anything you won’t experience. You need to experience the change in your life.

Belief can lead you there, but belief without knowledge and experience doesn’t help you, it is only the first step.

My belief was in the technique.

You don’t need meaning to be happy, your natural, calm, peaceful state is happiness.

You want to be happy, everybody wants it. It is hard work.

It isn’t simply to believe in something that you become happy and your suffering disapears.

First you define suffering as clinging to something that will go away someday, or aversion towards things that will come to you.

In order to stop suffering, you can’t simple believe.

You must work at yourself every day. Cultivate hapiness.

Pay attention to morality, that will help you achieve happiness.

Pay attention to your mind, work at it, consistently meditating. Continuous practice is the secret of success in achieving happiness.

Finally, through working at your mind, to make it more clearer, you should start to experience new sensations in your body, and through it you can gain wisdom.

Wisdom is happiness.

Wisdom is knowing that everything changes, and yet nor be depressed nor be in ecstasy because of this knowledge.

I like things that work.

I like simple things.

I like Buddhism.