Tumbling Sounds of an Empty Mind

Tumbling Sounds of an Empty Mind

Wind makes circular noises
Belli Olmaz
Watering waves
Electronic trumpets
And the ventilator never falls.

Night is tinted with orange street lights
Nothing too profound
Just this

Post orgasmic neo psychedelic inspired poetry

Belli Olmaz.

I wonder what the plants are thinking
If the ground knows I’m relaxed right now
Or if it’s just there

Rapid flashy eye movements happen
Who is the one looking?

Who is this vessel?

And why is this vessel communicating with millions others via a smartphone.

Why not just connect through love and wonder?

Why can’t we all just get in sync, and be still for a moment.

Looking at all the 27 clouds above me right now

And wonder why the clouds move and interact so much, but I’m unable to interact with my friends the same way.

27 completely different layers connecting and each shaping each other’s shapes

Complex interaction

But maybe a joint would do now. Maybe will get the party started.

We get high, look at the stars, grab a coat

It is cold outside



Ooooh isolation.

There’s no way I’m ending this poem, never

It’s just the best time of my life right now and it’s never going to end.

Friends are here, we are all high, sun hasn’t shown up and we are e just having a great time.

Live can be fun sometimes.

But I always get back to work.

Work can be awesome sometimes.

Changing the world.

Making a dent to the universe.

Making it so that your contribution is responsible for an amazing project for millions of people.

That’s exciting as fuck.

But that’s just me after taking a rather strong chamomile tea.

Just before closing my eyes and sleeping.

There’s fire and that fire isn’t serious, your shadow wants to have fun, not just destroy your personality created by society.

Sometimes the shadow just wants you to say fuck you to your boss once in a while. So that’s it. Yell at him, get unemployed and then start selling drugs.

That’s not what I would recommend though.

What would I recommend? Give me a time to create absurd ideas…

Walk barefooted in front of churches and see if they give you a free sneakers.

That tea is very strong, shiiiiit. I barely see the letters. Very wrong reflexes.

It’s funny how it’s mostly my mind reflexes that have went down. I can still use muscle memory to type, but thinking about typing is the worst.

Don’t do chamomile tea kids. But if you do, do it very strongly, it gives a really nice vibe.

Drink it.