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The Man on the Glass Ceiling

The Man on the Glass Ceiling

There is a man walking in the ceiling, the ceiling is made of glass. He is alone.

There are many people walking on various amounts of ceilings. There are ceilings of concrete, of wood, of cloth, of many things.

Each higher ceiling is more fragile and requires more skill to walk on than the lower one.

It is hard walking on higher ceilings. And everyone that is ambitious wants to walk the glass ceiling. This is the top of the top, you are in the middle of the clouds, almost like a god.

Some people are born lucky and are taught to walk on higher ceilings early in life, and get very good at it. Some of these people fall for one reason or another, and end up on lower ceilings, but can’t climb back. Some people are so used to higher ceilings, they didn’t learn how to walk on harder ones. So they continue to fall and at a point remain on a plateau.

Some people remain on lower ceilings because their partners can’t climb higher, so they become compassionate and lower themselves so others can climb up.

Some leave, so they can climb higher. All that differences is ambition. Ambition vs love.

The tragedy is all around. Either two people on very different ceilings try to make things work and it just doesn’t.

Or two people on the same floor fall in love. And after a long time of them being together, one of them falls down many ceilings, never to return. And they have to decide if they should split, or one of them should help the other to climb higher.

Maybe they split.

The choice many ambitious people need to face. If your other half is way down the line, will you lower yourself to pick themselves up, or will you leave them there so that you can climb higher?

Most people would do the first option.

But some really ambitious people just won’t lower themselves risking loosing it all.

Who am I on this spectrum?

I don’t want to admit that I know. I have already done it multiple times. I climb higher no matter what.

What Jimmy says?

“I would lower myself to help somebody up, I would grab’em by the p%ssy”.

Jimmy has been very influenced by Trump, he disgusts me just the same.