StartUp Tales#1 - Everything is Doomed and I Hate Everyone

StartUp Tales#1 - Everything is Doomed and I Hate Everyone

The title really says it all.


I’m depression.

You read that right.

Just woke up.

Cold shower for 5 min.

It was damn cold.

My girlfriend made me wake up early. Yesterday we were discussing how to think about Death and values to live by one’s life.

But today I just wanted to sleep.


AllFarmZ startup is hitting a rough patch.

From you who don’t know what I’m talking about, AllFarmZ is the startup I co-founded with 4 other entrepreneurs from all of Latin America (Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico). I’m from Brazil.

I’ve been working on the development part, and testing the market with my partner from Mexico who works with farmers directly.

Last night we all had a meeting with the CEO of our accelerator, and he basically said things along these lines:

  • We don’t have even an MVP
  • We don’t have any customers
  • We don’t have any real market insight/response
  • We have options to open a business in the US, in the state of Delaware, it has the most modern legal system in the country.
  • We will learn to create what is called Convertible Notes to start pitching the startup to other investors.
  • And then, maybe we can go from 10K USD to 150K USD and start developing a real MVP.
  • But first, we need to develop some sort of MVP to test with the market.

Yesterday I freaked out, and wanted to finish everything on the spot. But I didn’t promise anything. I think it marks an important step in my life. I got to believe in something deeply, and not over promise on it.

I just said I’d share my progress throughout the week.


That is a relief.

Today I’m talking within the next hour with my business partner here in Brazil.

We have created a limited company here called Futuris to create software.

Maybe we can be partners with AllFarmZ, so I can offer him something in exchange of working with me on it.

Let’s see how it goes.

I’ll go brush my teeth.