Speak The Truth

Speak The Truth

It is hard. It costs a lot.

You can start by simply saying what brings you distaste.

“That is distasteful”.

“That is uncalled for”.

“That was unnecessary”.

Anger exists. And just like anything else in human psychology, if you start negating it, it grows.

How do you stop resentment and anger from growing?

You need to express it, in small doses, so that it doesn’t grow inside of you.

Because every time you negate a part of yourself, you are basically telling your subconscious that “you do not matter”.

Imagine living a lifetime of thinking that?

That can’t be good.

Start small, it will make you nervous. But I speak from experience to say that negating yourself to not cause confrontations ends up killing any sort of self esteem inside of you.

I’m starting this journey now.

I’m learning to stand up for myself little by little.

It is hard.

But as with anything worthwhile in life, the effort you put in, can wield enormous results for your inner life.

And those results cement a strong personality.