So... We Won Again

So... We Won Again

“You can get it if you really want”

I’m surprisingly not depressed about it. It feels good, although not much different, but it does feel good.

I just wish I felt comfortable to share my win with the girl I’m seeing, but it seems as if she needs time to be alone. She didn’t say anything, I just felt it, and am waiting to initiate contact after this week goes by.

But back to TrepCamp.

We are going to TrepCamp Global Demo Day this month. We just didn’t decide on who is going. But man, that is something.

I can’t say to myself “I’m a loser” anymore, although that shouldn’t be important.

What matters is not what you receive or what you give. What matters is who you become.

I hope to become a better person during this entrepreneurial journey.

Thanks mom and dad, I hope you are proud.