So... We Won Again at TrepCamp

So... We Won Again at TrepCamp

It seems that this startup thingy is really getting steam.

So, just going back a little bit, if you want more details check out this post.

I went to compete at a Entrepreneur Simulator.

In 3 weeks at Silicon Valley we stayed.

AllFarmZ was created.

To build a platform to help small farmers get more money.

We combined their purchases into a large one so as to make each individual buyer pay less for their supplies like fertilizers and seeds.

And then, we managed to create a business model and concept of a company.

We present to a panel of investors and won 1st place there.

Then we needed to compete for the top 10 most voted with a video.

We didn’t get enough votes, but the jury decided to give two Wild Cards for other interesting projects.

We got in as a Wild Card.

I wouldn’t want it to be any different.

“Upset the established order and everything becomes… chaos…”

As a Wild Card here we go.