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SE Tales#2: That Can't be Good

SE Tales#2: That Can't be Good

How to code lying down?

I hurt my back because I’m an asshole.

It is very important to have both a nice chair if you are sitting for long periods of time.

And also to have breaks where you do the right exercises to avoid any disk related issues.

I did both of these wrong.

I had a fucked up chair.

And whenever I did take breaks to exercise I did exactly those that hurt my back the most (don’t do squats if you have a persistent back lombar pain).

One tip from Bob and Brad (the most famous physical therapists on the internet) for those people suffering from these kinds of pain is to do press ups.

Yesterday I couldn’t walk properly, and today I had to work lying down.

So beware folks. L4 L5 disk injury isn’t a joke.

Specially not during this corona virus time.