Rose Blumkin is my new Hero

Rose Blumkin is a true conqueror

Rose Blumkin is my new Hero

Surprise post!

Wholesome story of the day.

Rose Blumkin emigrated to the US and created Nebraska Furniture Mart. Her business motto was:

'Sell cheap, tell the truth, don't cheat nobody'.

She worked till 98 years old in NFM, then had a falling out with her grandsons (she called them Hitler hahaha). By then she had sold a percentage of NFM to Warren Buffett by 60M+.  Then she went on to create a new store to sell carpets at 98 years old.

And a few years later, she sold it again to Warren Buffett! But this time she would have control over day-to-day operations.

Warren actually made her sign a non-compete at 102 years old lol.

The lady just breathed selling, she said her pastime on Sunday was visiting competitors' stores to know how she could crush them.

She also had on her office wall framed newspaper articles of each competitor that they drove to bankruptcy. hahahahhaha this lady is just so funny.

Here's a video of her:

1980s - ROSE BLUMKIN - Omaha's Nebraska Furniture Mart - Mrs. B.

Anyway, super inspiring story, loved hearing about it on the Founders podcast, and I wanted to share a bit of it here.

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