Outrun #1

Outrun #1

Somewhere, sometime

‘One more glass of titian’

Orange drink

People step on oranges for hours after harvest

Turns into the addiction of an entire society

I wonder how my piss comes out purple.

Bar fight. The small guys always want to yell the other into defeat.

Never works.

Size is all that matters after all.

I get inside the car, tell it to show me the sunset, but I fall asleep.

There’s no drug like love. I wonder how long it lasts, I’ve been married for 33 earth cycles and not a day goes by where I miss ECZ-93 or LSA-97. Those were good drugs, I give them that.

But somehow we never managed to outdo love.

Once you find it, it is hard to live without. That’s when most people figure out other drugs.

To hide their empty shell deep into it. And get lost, out of time, out of place.

Slow motion, bright lights, dim lights, no sense of self, high sense of self, there’s a drug for every need.

Wake up, night looks different. Atmosphere on Cesar is different than Earth. The air looks gray to green on the mornings.

Purple and orange at night.

Sea is pitch black once our lights turn off. Lucky us they never do.

No blackout in years.

Wild life non existent at first but now it’s here, imported. ‘Made at Home’ they say.

There really is little that money can’t buy. We created a whole new planet, for just one guy.

He’s dead now, all great visionaries die eventually.

We should be thankful. But suffering never really ends.

We only have different problems to deal with.

Not enough energy resources? Harvest the sun.

Planet is dying? Terranova Mars.

Deadly plague? 5 years of research to develop cure.

Black Matter affecting life? Let’s delve deeper into the stars to investigate more.

Meanwhile, poor people still die alone with diseases that have a cure.

Rape, assault, violence proves to be a never ending problem for us.

Vegans killing each other. It wouldn’t be funnier if it weren’t true.


But physics never stop amazing us. It truly feeds our curiosity. We should be thankful for that.

Another problem to solve.

I kiss my lady good night and go to work at the lab.

Another problem to solve.