Optimism is believing things will work out okay even though you have no proof of that.

Why I lost my Optimism

Ever since I read the book Isaac Asimov wrote about The Collapsing Universe I’ve had this sad hopeless view about things.

The Universe will die. Thermal Death they call it. Just a natural result of forever increasing entropy.

If there is nothing after Death.

Things don’t have any meaning right?

Making my parents proud? The universe in a long time won’t even remember it.

Having kids? One day all of humanity will die together with the universe(if we live that long)

Being a good person? Why try at all?

I Was Wrong

Yep, this is the current theory for the universe. But I got one thing wrong.

You can’t judge the value of system forever just by analyzing the past and the present.

All you can do is guess(predict) a little bit into the future.

But you can’t tell for sure what the future is gonna be like.

Maybe someone will find a way to control entropy.

Maybe a new big bang could happen.

There is so much room for discovery.

And humanity has time to figure out many more stuff.

This, contrary to optimism, is a rational thought. It is a rational foundation that maybe some optimism can grow.

But not too much. I want to be inspired, not deluded.


Here I am now.

I don’t feel hopeless.

I feel like I on the edge of figuring something out. I feel like I could be always on the edge.

I have possibilities. Life is out there to be lived.

And life is too short not to be lived in a spectacular way.