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Nuggets to Help in Troubled Times

On Cowardice and Weakness
Nuggets to Help in Troubled Times
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Throughout my life, I've noticed two main ideas form inside my mind.

Cowardice is letting fear stop you from doing something important to you.


Weakness is letting your excuses stop you from doing something that is important to you.

Cowardice then, is a form of weakness.

And I aimed never to let it stop me from going after what I believe is important.

But then we must also ask "But isn't fear something we should pay attention to?" and "What if I have valid concerns? And not just 'excuses'?".

Here's the beauty of those definitions, no matter what you believe an "excuse" is for you, letting that stop you makes you weak.

And no matter what you define as "valid" concerns don't.

It's a slippery definition because not everything is black and white. There is hardly someone who can be strong in every area of their life.

Hell, even David Goggins is still a human and has some stuff to work through.

But then, those definitions act as guidelines, to measure oneself against during troubled times.

Another way I learned to put those two things into a more actionable thought is:

"If something is important enough, I won't give up just because it's hard".

I have a bad history of giving up on things. As in, I hardly ever do. Even if it isn't the best thing I should be doing at the moment.

That's why it's important to follow those two definitions above. Because we should not try to power through stuff that isn't worth it.

But when we find something really important to us, we can't let anything stop us from going through all the way to the end.

As always, don't forget to take care of yourself and I'll see you in the next post 😉.

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