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Nuance is the look
in a person’s eyes
just before the kiss

It is the color
that’s closer to red than to
any other color
but isn’t red

Nuance is telling
who someone is
by the way they hug you

Nuance is where it all happens
it’s the blue feeling in the early morning
and the calming feeling of an evening stroll along the park

it’s the perfect temperature to shower with
and the decision to let go

it’s the thing that more closely relates to reality
but is ever elusive
it can almost always go unnoticed

by those who never look.

and those who do look for it
have a hard time to keep their sensibility to it.

we live on damned times
our sensibility is shit
and there’s a lot we don’t notice.

we believe information is the answer
we believe opinions are truth
we believe that the group must be above the individual

But it is only an individual who can notice the chilling cold when the heater is broken
Only the individual can feel hunger
or love.

Or hate.

Or anything at all.

We forgot that we belong to ourselves.

That’s why I’m not surprised to see how many of us go through life
never experiencing nuance
never being present with a loved one

Never trying to look
How sad.