Yesterday is gone and today is the only time you have.

I’m grateful I’m still alive.

Just beat my third long term disease today.

Migraine I’m currently beating with prescription meds. I’m currently weeding off the meds.

Hernia, I am nearly healed from the surgery I had last year.

And now I just removed a cyst.

My life won’t magically heal itself from now on. It’s on me to beat this sense of meaningless in life.

Now to balance things out.

I am mortal, and I need to constantly figure out which problems to give my attention to.

People I love will die around me, and I will lose friendships along the way.

All I can hope is that I deal well with everything life gives me.

Be it good or bad.

It is my choice to not let the good ruin my character. And not to let the bad take away my strength.

Today is a good day, there will be bad days ahead.

But today I’m acknowledging all that good that happened so far.

#gratidude #amorfati

Amor Fati.