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Making Reading a Habit: How to Read More Books Than You Ever Thought Possible

My love/hate relationship with books.
Making Reading a Habit: How to Read More Books Than You  Ever Thought Possible
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I have a secret.

I really love books. Like it's not a hassle for me to read them, I read as a form of resting.

I love taking my eyes off a screen and into a paper page.

But I gotta confess, I'm not one of those people who can read for hours and hours and not get bored.

I get bored very fast.

Instead, I read in between Pomodoro sessions and not even all of them. I might read for 10 minutes, then do something else for the next break. Some days I don't read at all.

But on a weekly average, I end up reading about 30 min a day.

And that is it, I don't count my books, nor do I get anxious to finish a book really quickly. If I feel the urge to finish a book quickly for whatever reason, it means I don't really enjoy the process of reading that book, and so I just drop it, mid-sentence sometimes.

And I move to a more interesting book.

Life is all about what you optimize for. I optimize for reading pleasure with my books. That means the only thing that keeps me reading a particular book is how well I'm liking it.

I don't read things that I "outta" read. I read what I genuinely want to read.

I let my curiosity guide me, it is a hobby after all, not a job.

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