Intellectual Nihilism

Intellectual Nihilism

Every honest intellectual must come to the question whether life can be a positive thing without it being a delusion.

And however you answer this question might depend on particular life beliefs that we are not used to challenging.

Challenging beliefs is how one arrives closer to an objective truth.

But challenging something non stop leads to non belief.

Non belief leads to a more avid search for truth.

And so you demolish belief in order to arrive at truth.

On and on.

Until no belief is left.

And complexity beyond any human understanding arrives.

How to live one’s life in such a state? Cross the street knowing that a meteor could hit china and in turn open it’s territory to a war with India. Out of that war could come severe infectious diseases around the planet.

It could reach you by next week and kill you.

Could you make all those calculations over breakfast to decide if you are going to have cereal or apple, or maybe eggs?

How would that impact UK’s policy on dairy? How much would it impact? Are you sure you want that impact on your legacy?

When truth emerges chaotically, we are bound by our primitive brains to believe all choice is useless, meaningless.

But we still find flowers beautiful.

Beauty is the religion’s answer to the world.

It is how koans end.

It is how the Bible begins.

It seems as if religion holds something important about human psyche.

Holds something in regard to challenge the suffering of the world.

Can we really claim to be non theists while admiring art? While admiring beauty?