Integrate Darkness

Integrate Darkness

What Drawns You?

The answer to your life isn’t hidden in the light.

Darkness is in there. And it is acking to leave and burn stuff.

If you aren’t able to integrate that part of yourself in your life, or your work, you’ll only be able to achieve half of your potential.

You don’t become sucessful unless you put yourself into some really deep shit. Shit that will make you wanna kill parts of yourself that you’ve recently looked at and thought “I’m holding myself down”.

You haven’t integrated darkness in your life if you aren’t able to work unless motivated.

You haven’t integrated darkness into your life if you never looked at yourself in the mirror and said “I hate this, I hate this, I hate you, I hate me, I hate what I’m doing, and yet, I know deep down that I must do it, there are many paths, but I know where I need to arrive”.

Darkness moves you when you don’t want to. All that fear, anger, sadness, hopelessness. That shit is more powerful than the positive emotions to make you change your life completely. Humans are more sensitive to negative emotions than positive ones.

That’s because what causes the negative emotions are way more important to our survival overall. These are the things that capture your complete attention because if it didn’t you could DIE. And your ancestors payed the hell out of attention to them. The ones that didn’t died off.

Darkness is the thing that keeps you going when no reward is in sight.

Sure hugs are nice, but have you ever finished something because you were mad about it?

Happiness isn’t the goal. You must find something stronger. Something that pulls your soul outside of your body and slaps it on the face while screaming “This is it, this is what you need to do. And now that I told you, there is no ignoring it, there is no going back”.

There is no going back.

Not when you understand your darkness.

Not when you know what it is capable of.

So if you do live in darkness, and think you are below others that are happy and always grateful.

You are not below. You have a force more powerful than anything. The force of destruction is behind every single success you’ve seen other people have in life.

If you’ve been touched by madness, learn to do the bare minimum to keep others able to trust and respect you. And unleash all that madness into your work.

Integrate the darkness.