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Information should be useful

Information should be useful

Don’t scroll Quora every day for hours, even if you learn “important things” at the moment, you’ll soon forget it. Do this instead.

Be in silence, go to a toilet room, meditate for 15 min. Go talk to someone about their lives. Go exercise.

See, the brain doesn’t remember information just because it’s true, it remembers what gets used, what is useful.

College teaches us to cram information just to pass tests, and those more intelectuals of ourselves take that to our personal lives. We believe that more information is always better, and experimenting takes time away from learning!

There is nothing you are gonna learn reading a book. Learn requires doing.

If the information doesn’t automatically triggers your “I need to learn this to do that” in your brain. Most importantly if the “do that” is actually important for you do to today or this week, then go ahead and learn it. Otherwise don’t.