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I'm Kinda Crazy

I'm Kinda Crazy

And that’s just something I have to live with.

You need conscientious people advancing things in a structured environment one tiny bit at a time.

And you also need the creative nut heads that give ideas that just on the off-chance of success could change the whole game.

These crazy people in society.

They are probably never gonna go very far.

Some will starve to death.

Most won’t be able to unleash their creative juice into the world.

And that is it.

Being creative sets you up for a life of fate.

Fate will decide if you’ll be able to unleash your genius.

You probably won’t feel much in control for most of your life.

And even presented with the opportunity of certainty and safety.

You’re gonna probably turn it down.

Because starving.

Dying in the cold.



Eventually becomes better than just having a normal life.




Nice job.

Nah, that ain’t for us.

We’d rather die crazy.

Than risking not living at all.



” A completely predictable future is already the past ”