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How-to: Be Productive in 10 Steps! (GET THINGS DONE)

How-to: Be Productive in 10 Steps! (GET THINGS DONE)

So here to all people who want to know how to TRULLY MASTER your inner self and become a machine that just GETS THINGS DONE.

STEP 1: Set up your environment.

My ideal desk

So here’s the thing. I try to get everything out of my sight that can distract me. So I let only my computer with important stuff that I need to get done.

But then, after a few seconds of intense focused work…

There’s this lure of new discoveries to be made on the internet. And new things always are a good thing. And my Creative Genius(let’s call him Jimmy) knows how to get my attention.

I’ve noticed the moment my creativity strikes best is when I’m in the middle of something important that I kind of know what and how to do it. So there is no rush. If I know what needs to get done, I can do it later after Jimmy gets what he wants.

STEP 2: Get your measurements

You know how you always wanted that thing as a kid and now you are old enough to be trusted with a credit card?

And worst of all, now you can get that thing that you always wanted.

In my case, I remembered that I always wanted a spiderman suit, and now with China helping me out and a credit card, I can have it! But don’t worry I’ll show you how to be productive. I just need that suit.

STEP 3: Pick the right Spiderman suit

See, I haven’t finished taking my measurements yet. I need to find a spiderman suit that both looks good and fits my economic needs.

So it began my search for the perfect suit, I was planning on writing this blog post in under 20 minutes. 3 Hours went by and I’m still on step 3, but once I get the perfect suit I will finish it.

Deep into the night I went. Nothing could stop me from getting what I wanted.

I started to see a pattern, either the suit looked retarded or it was way to expensive.

I mean…


I mean, we all have that feeling that something is there. So you want to take a look around to make sure you are being silly and there isn’t anything there.


What if Jimmy is right? What if there IS something there? Then what can I do?

Here’s what I do, and I’ve been living “alone” for over 4 years. Sure I have roommates, but they don’t protect me from ghosts! I had to learn that skill on my own.

So first of all, before turning back, you need a very cringy song to dance.

I recommend any of Lonely Island, Ylvis or any Indian song, maybe some mongolian Throat singing, or even Man’s not hot.

Trust me, you need to dance. Ghosts don’t attack when you dance. I would’ve know if anyone was attacked while dancing to songs like that. I do mean trust me, no horror movie ever, listen to me, EVER, had anyone attacked while dancing to a stupid song.

But you gotta dance with everything in ya. DO that and then, turn quickly the lights on the room and look around.

You are safe now, 100% garantee against ghosts.

STEP 5: Sleep is very important, you need to have a good health to get stuff done

So by now I decided that I’d be better sleeping, I can’t be productive after being so many hours on the computer, everybody needs a rest once in a while right?

And in order to sleep you need to be able to sit back and realize that you actually did a lot of things in this day, no need to keep any abstract list to the end just so you can sleep peacefully. Sleep peacefully by believing you actually did lots of things!

Even though you didn’t, but that’s a problem you will only realize tomorrow morning, by then, the guilty of never doing enough will wake you up, or keep you in the bed for longer than you usually are.

Tomorrow I shall write about waking up on time and being productive throught the day!

Even though it wasn’t 10 steps, I believe I did more than enough, I can sleep peacefully now.