God is Dead

God is Dead

“Lost father to death last year.

Today mother passed from heart attack.

Brother has special needs.

I live at the church.


I believe in God.

He is my Lord and Savior.

Never had much to live for, grew up poor.

But I believe everything is for the best.

God knows what he’s doing.

My brother and I will be alright

we will

find a way.

There is hope, even amidst the pain and suffering

I miss my mother.

miss my father

life has been very tough

who is this Nietzsche guy, saying God is Dead?”

I don’t want to be the coward that takes hope away from someone

who clearly deserves it.

Life is bad

Life is full of suffering

whether someone takes strength believing there’s a God out there

or if they get stronger by trying to leave a dent in the universe

or even if they buy into “we are star dust”

whatever makes you move forward.

God is you.

You aren’t dead.