Ghost Creator Community - Week 1

I am honored to be accepted as a writer in the Ghost Creator Community program.

Ghost Creator Community - Week 1
Photo by Stephanie Morales / Unsplash

So this is the current state of things as of now of this blog:

I've just recently got my latest follower (counting 8 as of today). And I'm in the middle of Week 1 of Ghost's Creator Program.

It's a pretty cool program and it's divided into a 4-week course.

Week 1 - Building a Platform
Week 2 - Meeting new People and Publishing Great Content
Week 3 - Growing an Audience
Week 4 - Building a Business

Since we are in week 1, we are focusing on our tech stacks and sharing with other cool creators.

So I'm also gonna share my tech stack here.

Tech Stack

I'm sharing verbatim my answer to other's questions


  • Zero clue, I'm mostly being guided by curiosity.

Idea Tracking + Content Planning

  • I take lots of notes on and try to follow the Zettelkasten Method to facilitate grabbing notes around and merging them in a post.
  • I use the Backlinks from one of my notes "Blog Post ideas", I always have new ideas every week, on a Sunday I revisit them, and almost always a post comes out of it.


  • I use Google Analytics + Pinterest analytics (I've linked my blog to my Pinterest via RSS feed so it uploads automatically).


  • I'm using Unsplash from ghost's GUI, but I'm open to the idea of generating images using AI.


  • Right now I've set up 2 Applets on IFTTT(If This Then That -> so that any new post with the tag "linkedin-post" or "tweet-post" gets updated to each social media automatically.


  • Grammarly (free version)
  • Ghost
  • Docs -> for some friends to give feedback on some special posts before they are published


  • I'd want to understand how it is the process for those of you that publish more frequently. I'm in the middle of working through a few hard topics and it just takes me 2 weeks to get a really good post out.
  • I blog mostly in my free time out of the job, so either mornings or evenings.

Other Cool Creators

The cool part of this program is meeting and talking with other people. Here are some of them and what I found amazing about what they do.
Data structures and algorithms, cryptocurrency, interviewing, and free-writing.

This dude is cool as f%%%ck, talks about what he's learning in the field of AI, compressed data structures, bioinformatics, python, programming interviews, and more.

Did I mention he also has a cool photography website?

Focused on Linux and Open Source

The Vashinator, also known as Michael, dude has a youtube channel alongside his blog. He talks about tech, Linux, and Open Source.

Machine learning nuggets
Thoughts, stories and ideas on data science and machine learning.

Derrick coming directly from Nairobi has a blog about data science and machine learning.

Ebony Ascent
The spectrum of what’s possible

David from Atlanta writes about mental health, finances, and other topics involving the black community.  Do check it out!

Rachid Guejdad
Idées et travaux d’un professeur de mathématiques qui cherche constamment à améliorer sa pratique.

We have someone from France, and although his blog is in french I managed to read a couple of articles by using google translate, so don't be a stranger.

He writes about mathematics and also shares things with his students using the blog.

The Second Button
The Second Button a men’s style blog here to help you see what menswear enthusiasts love about clothing. Guides, inspiration, deeper articles, and reviews.

Daniel writes about men's styles and has recently started using Medium as a way to share more of his content. Give the brotha a hand and check it out 😜 .

Towven provides Insight, Guides, and Steps to Become a Successful Real Estate Agent in 14 Months, or less. Become the best real estate...

Here's someone I would call Highly Adaptable. Joe started with a startup trying to replace real estate agents, and in the middle of testing his MVP started actually giving content to real estate agents to help them be better at their jobs.

PS: He also runs ultramarathons "for fun".

Innovation Copilots
Consultancy agency focused on leapfrog innovation, at the crossroad of emerging consumer behaviours & the rapid introduction of game-changing technologies.

Philipe and his wife run a boutique consultancy business, they started using Ghost recently and with it started a paid newsletter for their top customers (B2B). Pretty cool!

Josh O’Neill
The official website for Josh O’Neill. Content creator and fitness enthusiast.

Josh writes about personal development, health, and fitness.

Here's one of my favorite posts: 3 Tips to Best Utilize Caffeine for Productivity

Black Expat Stories
We showcase the beauty in the Blaxit by documenting the journeys of Black Expats living all over the world - one unique story at a time.

Here we have Courtney, she's doing a multimedia publication to document the journey of Black expats living in the world.  

If you consider yourself an empathetic person with good taste in writing, I'd definitely check it out. Each post is a very touching experience.

erin mikail staples
Very online human working to build better connections with other humans, on and offline. Currently thinking about the way that we communicate, educate, and elevate others.

Erin Mapes, a hobby stand-up comic with a LOT of energy. She writes about the technical community and developer advocacy.

Flavien Bonvin
Tech, productivity and personal development

Enter Flavien, a talented developer writing on tech, productivity, and management. Feel free to check out his latest posts on NestJS and Web Development!

And that is it so far everyone, as soon as I have more news I'll share it.

Lots of kisses and buhbye. 😉