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Follow your passion

Follow your passion

I’ve found my passion. Let me tell you what it feels like.

People keep saying follow your passion this, follow your passion that. But first you must know what it is, then all your life will be set and you will live forever happy, tip tapping to work.

You will be able to wake up without an alarm clock and be the best that you can be.

After long walks during college, talking with many people, having difficult conversations, with tons of feedback from people, I woke up today and realized what it is that I trully must do in order to be happy with myself.

I must work in a room with 24°C of room temperature, be able to look outside and see sunny weather. That is my passion.

Being able to live in that temperature I’ll wake up feeling good, well, maybe not. I mean I woke up feeling like shit today, but that was because I ate too much at Burger King yesterday.

But now that I know what makes me happy, I must have it so much that it kills me, just like that mouse on cocaine.

I mean yessss, I could make more friends, go out more, but who am I kidding? What trully fulfills my soul is being at room temperature 24°C. It’s not too cold, nor too hot. I mean, right now at the dentist I’m fulfilling my destiny. And I don’t even need to make the effort.

My life is brilliant.