Daily Dispatch #3

Daily Dispatch #3

Well hello hello.

Today was a busy day.

Beginning of the day was me fixing that bug from friday with the 0xCF byte being interpreted as -49 instead of 207. I just used some code like:

val maskNumber = 255 // 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 1111 1111
var returnNumber = previousByte.toInt() // turns it into -49 32 bit Integer
returnNumber = returnNumber and maskNumber // turns it into 207
               // Result of this and operation:
               // 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 XXXX XXXX

So the and operation fixes the carry bit from 0xCF. Another thing I also did was to find how to set up a specific variable that controlled the state of a field that we send to the backend. I’m sure I can’t tell the specifics due to my NDA, so that’s that.

But in order for this information to be useful, I think I should get into some things that bug me about Android Development.

It’s weird to have to create several implementations just to set up a path (that tends not to be straightforward) to use some class in some module.

Say moduleB wants to use a class from moduleA.

If moduleB doesn’t have access to moduleA (because moduleA is the main module), we have to use a form of dependency injection. This could be solved if we were allowed to import things as long as not to cause circular dependencies. And that it needed to be in a more straightforward way than dependency injection.

We don’t even use a lib to make the injection, we do it by hand.

So yeah, maybe with more experience building apps I might understand things a little bit better.

I already find it useful to use interfaces instead of the actual class (something my past me would’ve thought was insane and unproductive).

I’m still reading Clean Architecture, it is fun to understand more of the project by thinking in those architecture components and structures. It was just as nice to learn Clean Code from the book while practicing at my previous job.

The thing I find interesting about Kotlin, and that I compare to React Native (JavaScript) is that in Kotlin, although it takes more code to get the same functionality, is easier to maintain code compliance between multiple members. React Native and React lets you get away with doing lots of shit without thinking about a standard way of doing things.

And I get to use more Clean Code between object oriented code with Kotlin. React as early as 2019 started going towards a more functional approach. I like it, it feels cleaner than the previous classes, but I’m still not very comfortable doing object oriented things in javascript.

I feel more comfortable using object orientation in Kotlin and C++ ( I believe it still doesn’t have multiple inheritance).

Anyway I feel as if I should bring in more content that’s useful and not just me rambling, but I think this is a start.

I started going to gym again, I reckon that I can do it either early in the morning at 6 AM, or at the afternoon 6PM, so I might do it interchangeably. I’m still going to go more on the afternoons because I like the folks that work there at that time. I forgot their names, but they are still nice.

And this instructor is so nice, she created my workout plan and constantly asks to see how I’m going.

I work out on Smart Fit, and I’m already in my second training regimen, so I’ll take it as if I’m on Level 2 of BodyBuilding.