Daily Dispatch 29 - Some of the Things I did last week

This is my last week in a short post.

Daily Dispatch 29 - Some of the Things I did last week
Photo by Green Chameleon / Unsplash

Hello again fellow readers, so here's what I did last week.

  • Started learning Latin on Duolingo in order to read untranslated books by great authors of old (some are almost 2000 years old, so exciting). Plus it will help me learn more latin related languages such as Italian and Spanish.
  • Learned a bit about Fat Tails by Nassim Nicholas Taleb's YouTube videos.
  • Started using a Daily Note Template on my Obsidian second brain.
  • Started reading more on Design Patterns
  • Added a search bar on my this blog and a commenting system, I'll soon publish a post with more details.
  • Started going to Muay Thai for real.
  • Created a bunch of videos on my YouTube channel (another one comming soon on Wednesday) .
  • Saw a really cool video on Why We Love a Darker Batman.
  • Decided to start coding a project that I call CASSANDRA, a youtube video automation bot. More on that in later posts.

That was it, I hope your week was great as well, and I will see you on the next post.