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Daily Dispatch 21 - Gym and Kotlin Native Memory Model

Daily Dispatch 21 - Gym and Kotlin Native Memory Model

I know y’all miss my daily dispatches, that aren’t daily at all, only on the days I do write them.

So I’ve been out of gym, due to the price rising too high and my current employer recently giving me Gympass access.

So I decided to cancel my previous gym plan and now I’m in a one month limbo between paying the last month of usage and getting a new plan.

I don’t want to start paying Gympass right now because in this month’s bill, I already have to pay last month of SmartFit.

So I decided to start experimenting with Callisthenics.

I’ve been using Calisteniapp to do the exercises, and I must say, I have NEVER been that sore before.

Maybe if I like it, I’ll purchase the monthly app. I’d love to build muscle without paying for any particular gym, and on the plus side, depend only on my own body.

On an unrelated note, I studied today about Kotlin Native Memory Management to better understand the limits on the second version of Kotlin’s Garbage Collector.

I think in a while I might have enough info and tests to back up a full medium post showing the benefits of changing to the new version.

For now all I can say is that the new memory model is experimental, which means “use at your own risk”. HOWEVER, if the works I do aren’t thread intensive, their new Garbage collector might not pause the swift app.

Let’s see how tomorrow tests’ will go.

I will keep you posted, and as always, thanks for reading 🙂