Daily Dispatch #2

Daily Dispatch #2

So I forgot to do it on both Thursday and Friday.

On Thursday night I finished compiling an android class on Fragments.
There were a simple two exercises and their respective answers for when the main project from the class got completed.

I walked through an app that had just two buttons and two fragments in android.
The goal was to explain fragments and show how you could use them as little modules inside your ui.

I talked about how to create the fragments and to set up the listeners for the buttons to switch the view between them.

Then came Friday. I got stuck trying to implement a functionality for scheduled orders at the trading app Profit for Nelogica. Most of the problems got solved, but there was a single one that bugged me. I kept receiving -49 as a code where I was expecting 207.

After hours of digging I finally found that -49 has the same bit signature as 207, if you don’t take the carry bit into consideration when turning it into an integer in Kotlin.

I didn’t put the task for review since there were some fine adjustments that needed to be made. I’m expecting to finish it by Monday morning.

Meanwhile I had a bad case of sore throat, so I didn’t play with hash-lips lib yet, nor finished recording the android fragment class, and neither went to karate free class. But next week, hopefully my health will be in top shape and I’ll be able to workout daily and keep up with my side thingies.