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Daily Dispatch #19 - Guitar Practice and Learning

Daily Dispatch #19 - Guitar Practice and Learning

It takes about 5 minutes a day, over 2 months to have those calluses on the fingertips to be able to play a classic guitar without feeling sharp pain.

So I decided to pick up guitar as a daily practice, just to have some hobby outside of looking at a screen. I already do that for about 10 hours a day even when I’m not at my job. I still use it to write, to code personal projects and where I watch my tv series.

So while I can’t have an Analog and a Digital workbench like Austin Kleon, my job will continue to be mostly on the computer.

So anyways, here’s the first video I watched on guitar practice. And I intend to keep doing it at least 5 minutes a day until my fingers don’t hurt anymore.

I used something I recall from Atomic Habits, to make guitar practice part of my daily nighttime routine.

Everyday before going to bed I do about the same 5 steps.

  • Brush teeth
  • Set air conditioner to 22 degrees celsius
  • Guitar practice for 5 minutes
  • Take pills + water
  • Meditate for 10 minutes
  • Sleep

Because it is a small enough habit, I can’t refuse to do it. It actually works to keep the consistency.