Daily Dispatch #15 - I can't believe I solved it

Daily Dispatch #15 - I can't believe I solved it

I really can’t.

The error that I documented here Youtrack.

It seems the error is gone once we removed the following line from my gradle.properties:


That is it, it is a directive for the kotlin to C compiler to not use cache during compilation.

Now my only question is… WHY?

Why did this solve it?

I won’t rest until I know.

It seems that the error comes back whenever we update the android branch on the project with the latest commits.

Could it be a matter of old cache?

Could it be an error that only happens when there are two big projects talking to each other?

I tried to create a minimal erratic program in android + ios. But in such a small project I still came up short to actually producing the error.

What am I missing?