Daily Dispatch #12 - Solved Unsolvable Problem

Daily Dispatch #12 - Solved Unsolvable Problem

One of the perks of working as a software developer is when you find an unsolvable problem, that no one in the world got but you.

You feel special for a moment. Then the anger comes in.

I had a building problem with Kotlin Multiplatform mobile on a project running on a Mac. It wasn’t specifically a mac thing, because it ran on several macs but one. And I needed to make it run on every mac of the company.

After a month trying a bunch of different things, joining kotlin’s official discord server and publishing several bug fixes on Better Developer on medium, I finally came to a solution.

Update from Big Sur to Monterey, and (if you believe me) switch flavors from the android project back and forth.

I still need to understand why that happened. Why switching back and forth made the trick so that Android Studio found the kmm module correctly.

As it seems after a bit more tweaks I manage to make it stop working again. God what a mess.