5 Ways to Soothe Pounding and Blinding Migraines

5 Ways to Soothe Pounding and Blinding Migraines

Here’s my cheat sheet.

It’s nice having a good plan for times when you know you won’t be able to think straight.

Migraines proved again and again to be one of these times.

I’m not a neuroscientist nor a researcher on migraines, I’m just listing 5 ways that I, personaly, use to cope with the pain. Expect some weird shit.

So here’s my …

5 ways to Soothe Pounding and Blinding Migraines.

1st Way: Extremely Hot shower on the back of the head.

It helps me relax and relieve tension, but there could be a different and opposite option.

2nd Way: Extremely Cold Shower

It could up the tension, but one of the symptoms of migraine attacks is the expansion of blood vessels.

Cold showers can actually numb the pain by constricting blood vessels. Has proven useful during the occasions when the headache is just starting.

3rd Way: Put some Toothpaste on the Temples with some paper on top of them.

I don’t know why my mom developed this method, but I’ve used and it does wonders for pain. But usually it works best when the headache is already past the point of no return and I’ve taken some medicine with it.

It numbs the pain while the medicine still didn’t work.

4th Way: Isolate in a dark room.

Works best when it is at the beginning of the headache.

5th Way: I take my pills. Be it Dipirone or Ibuprofen.

I take them because that was what my doctors prescribe to me.


I’ve been on a 1 year treatment of migraines with Amitryptiline, it has reduced in almost 90% both the ammount of pain and the frequency.

I used to have 15 strong migraines a month, now they are medium and only occur at about twice a month.

Definitely check in a neurologist if you can so you can treat yours too.